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Method, Themes & Places

The Method :

Our method is an innovative fusion of Yoga & Coaching, which merge together and complete each other.

Traditional individual coaching techniques have been adapted to allow individual questionings and reflections as well as group discussions and exchanges.

The yoga utilizes posture as an energy vector, breath as a balancing and appeasement tool, concentration as a way to connect with oneself and others.

This integration of Yoga & Coaching is done throughout and constantly, alternating and completing introspection, dialogues, practices and postures. This leads to individual and group work and interactions in the present moment, with the freedom to speak or to remain in silence, and with absolute respect for each person’s integrity.

The Themes :

Our workshops and stays are always built around a theme that allows us to guide the practice, focus the thoughts and gather energies. The theme acts as a catalyzer, enabling a return to unity, a balancing of our internal strengths and the possibility to simply be ourselves.

We don’t give away the theme in advance, so that the individual discovery and the exchanges between participants can be spontaneous, sincere and authentic.

The theme allows us to follow our being along its reflections, questionings, dialogues and discoveries, sometimes leading to forgotten sources full of richness and meaning, like in a treasure hunt.

The Places :

Places are essential, we seek the meeting of beauty and truth, and we choose them with great care. From a historic Palace on the shores of Lake Geneva to a Finca hidden in the fragrant hills of Ibiza, from an old building in the heart of the Burgundy vineyard to a lodge set in the cool alpine pastures, our places contribute to the cohesion of the group, as a comforting, reassuring and rejuvenating envelope.