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What & How ?

Authentic Joy

We organise workshops and stays during which yoga & coaching, integrated in a unique and innovative method, contribute to shed light on your multiple facets, allowing you to progress on the path of Illumination...


Our method is based on the fusion of yoga and coaching, which merge together and complete each other.

Traditional individual coaching techniques have been adapted to allow individual questionings and reflections as well as group discussions and exchanges.

The yoga utilizes posture as an energy vector, breath as a balancing and appeasement tool, concentration as a way to connect with oneself and others. This integration of yoga and coaching is done throughout and constantly, alternating and completing introspection, dialogues, practices and postures.

This leads to individual and group work and interactions in the present moment, with the freedom to speak or to remain in silence, and with absolute respect for each person’s integrity.

Ïn order to work in-depth on a specific topic, approach and treat effectively a personal matter or some apect which has become problematic, we offer customised weekends or short stays for one or two persons, with one to one coaching and yoga sessions, where body and soul can relax, regenerate, and in a short time find a new, creative and restorative energy.

Yoga & Coaching

These two disciplines practiced together, in fundamental respect of each person, allow us to find a new breath as well as unexpected synergies.

Yoga frees and canalises our energies to appease, relax and strengthen the body and the mind.

Coaching, individually or in a group, sparks questionings which lead to an awareness of our limitations and especially of the unknown resources we have to overcome them. It allows to define visions, ambitions, goals, and then to find the means within to achieve these.

Coaching, from the word coach "the vehicle or the driver ", is a process that enables a person to go from one place to another; the coach is the person who guides this journey.

Harmony of the Group

A special care is therefore given to the composition of harmonious groups where each individuality will naturally integrate. We deliberately limit the number of participants to ten; hence preserving a human dimension while still guaranteeing diversity, a mutual source of enrichment.

Inspirational Places

Similarly, the places selected for our practices, as well as accomodation and catering, are carefully chosen to contribute to the sought after inspiration and quietude.